UPS Tracking Numbers


UPS Tracking Numbers

  • A UPS Tracking Number is automatically assigned to each package. You or your customer can use this number to locate your package in the system and determine its delivery status and other details.
  • A UPS Tracking Number, sometimes called a 1Z number, should look similar to this example:
    • 1Z9999999999999999
  • If the shipment you selected in your Shipping History page has multiple packages, you can view an expanded summary for the complete shipment. Go to the summary column and select Show All.
  • To give you a complete picture of the shipping progress for the selected shipment, select Detail below the Tracking Number. Detailed information about the shipment displays, including the number of packages in the shipment, the Ship To address, package type, weight, reference number information, package progress events, and delivery information.
  • UPS Providing UPS My Choice service and My Choice cost is nominal.

UPS Tracking Numbers Format

The UPS Tracking Number Formats For Parcels, Shipment And Post Tracking Vary According To The Mail Or Services Chosen By You In UPS. Here We Have Given All Tracking Number Formats By UPS. Most Of UPS Tracking Number Starts With 1Z.

  • (1Z !!! !!! !!! *** *** *)  (*** *** *** ***)
  • (*** *** *** *)              (*** *** ***)
  • ( # Letter, * Digit,  !  Letter Or Digit )

UPS Tracking Number Represent

I.E. One Tracking Number For Example Showing Below For Details Analysis.

  • 1Z Xxx Xxx Yy Zzzz Zzz C,
  • Where Xxx Xxx Is The Alphanumeric Account Number Of The Shipper,
  • 1Z Xxx Xxx Yy Zzzz Zzz C,
  • Where Yy Is The Service Code,
  • 1Z Xxx Xxx Yy Zzzz Zzz C,
  • Where Zzzz Zzz Is The Package Identifier,
  • 1Z Xxx Xxx Yy Zzzz Zzz C,
  • And C Is A Checksum Of Some Sort.

UPS Tracking Details

The Tracking Details page is accessed from the Tracking Summary. On this page, you are reviewing shipping and tracking details for a specific package.

Shipping information displayed includes:

  • Status: Package Status
  • Scheduled Delivery: Month, Day, Year
  • Shipped To: Address Information
  • Shipped or Billed on: Shipping/Billing Date
  • Tracking Number: 1Z Number
  • Service Type: Name of Service
  • Weight: Appropriate measure (U.S. Pounds or kilograms)
  • Multiple Packages: Number of Packages with a link to Show All

Tracking details displayed include:

  • Date: Date of the activity shown in that line item
  • Time: Time of the activity shown in that line item
  • Location: Location of the activity shown in that line item
  • Activity: An individual event (e.g., origin scan, arrival scan, unload scan) in the shipment process. From the list of scanned activities, you can build a picture of the shipping progress of each package from origin to delivery destination.

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