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UPS Having a responsive, efficient and easy returns process is essential for meeting customer expectations, controlling costs – even expediting critical recalls.Whether retail, high tech, manufacturing or healthcare, put our broad returns portfolio and reverse logistics capabilities to work for your business. UPS return service with capabilities such as omni-channel management, process automation, e-commerce site integration and services that improve security, cycle time, post-sales support and inventory management, you’ll build customer satisfaction, loyalty, while impacting your bottom line results.

UPS Returns®

Manage Returns Better and Improve Customer Experience

Turn your returns process into a competitive advantage with the help of an industry leader–serve your customers better and create value with streamlined returns management and reverse logistics through UPS.

With UPS Returns, you gain greater control and visibility, so you’re never surprised by an incoming return shipment. That perspective can increase your efficiency, let you react more quickly, and positively impact your bottom line. Your customers expect reliable returns, and meeting their needs can increase their loyalty to your business.

UPS Returns can help you:

  • Ensure compliance by controlling speed and cost of inbound shipments
  • Minimise mistaken return shipments to the wrong warehouses or repair centres
  • Create and deliver commercial invoices with return labels to international customers
  • Forecast volume and adjust staffing around inbound returns
  • Link shipment information directly into your customer service or warehouse operations
  • Maximise fast recovery of high-value goods, before they become obsolete
  • Your company is not billed for the transportation of a UPS Returns package until it is delivered.

UPS International Returns for Worldwide Customers

The global marketplace is growing, and it’s not enough to just ship abroad; international customers need returns options, too. With international returns service available in over 145 countries and territories, UPS Returns is unmatched in the industry. UPS can help you increase your competitive advantage, grow your global customer base, and boost loyalty and return sales, all while gaining efficiency.

Use UPS Returns when you’re shipping through WorldShip®, UPS Internet Shipping, UPS CampusShip®, UPS Returns Technology, or UPS Developer Kit-compatible shipping systems, where available.

Get More Return Label Options in UPS

UPS offer three return label options, so you can choose the best fit for you and your customers:

  • Print Return Labels: Include a return label in an outbound shipment, post it on your company’s website, or provide it to your customer at a later date
  • Electronic Return Labels: Have UPS e-mail a return label directly to your customer
  • Print and Mail Return Labels: Request that UPS mail a return label directly to your customer

Different Industries, Different Benefits

Make UPS Returns work for your business, regardless of your industry. Whether you’re in high tech, retail, automotive, or healthcare, UPS can help you increase customer service and streamline processes:

  • Facilitate batch returns of perishable test samples to healthcare companies
  • Smooth the high-tech post sales workflow
  • Provide retail customers with flexible, easy-to-understand returns policies
  • Reduce costs associated with product recalls, replacement warranties, disposal and recycling, and express and critical document services

UPS Returns® Plus

Returns can be tricky–especially when they involve high-value or bulky items. UPS Returns Plus gives you greater control of the process and amplifies your level of service by helping you ensure added security for valuable items and better attend to your customers’ needs.

With UPS Returns Plus, our drivers come straight to your customers’ doors to collect return items, giving you added insight into your inbound returns while providing your customers with more personal service. We create the return label ahead of time, and the driver brings it when they collect the shipment.

UPS Returns Plus is ideal for:

  • Healthcare companies whose customers are home-bound or elderly
  • High-tech businesses and manufacturers handling premium repairs, component servicing, or warranty fulfilment
  • Retailers who want to offer superior customer service

Standard UPS Returns features–like the ability to process single- and multiple-piece returns, create commercial invoices, and monitor inbound and outbound returns–are also available with this service.

Learn More About UPS Returns

Choose from two UPS Returns Plus options for your business:
1 UPS Pickup Attempt (UPS 1 Attempt Returns Plus)
A UPS driver will attempt to collect the return package one time. If it is not available for collection, the UPS driver will leave a return label at the collection location. Your customer can then take the package to any UPS location, provide it to a UPS driver, or request a UPS On-Call Collection®.

3 UPS Pickup Attempts (UPS 3 Attempts Returns Plus)
A UPS driver will attempt to collect the package over three business days; after the third attempt, the return label will be sent back to UPS.

As with all UPS Returns services, your company is not billed for transportation until the package is delivered. Use UPS Returns Plus when shipping through WorldShip®, UPS Internet Shipping, UPS CampusShip®, UPS Returns Technology, or UPS Developer Kit-compatible shipping systems, where available. Saturday delivery may also be available for UPS Returns.

UPS Returns Technology

Automating returns enables your customers to make return requests from your company website. This puts the power of the industry’s most extensive returns portfolio in the hands of your customers. If your company depends on e-commerce for revenue, your customers are already inclined to purchase online, so returns can become as efficient to process as customer orders.

Because your customer returns are processed online, they enter your system directly. As with all UPS Returns services, Returns Technology solutions give you visibility into where a return is from the moment the label is scanned at collection, giving you the time and information you need to manage your inventory.

How It Works

A customer simply visits your website and submits a return request based on your company’s return policies. A return label is provided by their browser, by e-mail or both. Your customer prints and affixes the label to their package. He or she can then drop it off at a UPS location, hand it to a UPS driver, or request a collection.

This solution can also be customized to meet your business needs. For shippers who want to develop and host their own solution, we offer the UPS Developer Kit Shipping API. Or if you would like a hosted, pre-built solution, ask about UPS Ready®.

UPS Reverse Logistics

Keep Profiting from Existing Inventory

Returns will always be a part of business, but be sure you’re not limiting them to being a cost of business. A good reverse logistics process can bring great value to your bottom line. Better manage and re-integrate your returned materials for streamlined practices, reduced waste, and continuing profits from your existing products.

Don’t let goods sit in technicians’ vehicles; get your products serviced, repaired, and back into inventory as fast as possible. Our advanced technology and Web-enabled return labels extend your supply chain visibility and let you ensure that returned parts arrive at their designated locations.

UPS Make Returns and Repairs Easy for Customers

End users and consumers appreciate companies that work in their favour, and implementing a smooth returns system benefits them while boosting your performance. Reverse logistics can make the returns process easy for your customers and help you replace or refund their purchases quickly. Our broad portfolio of post sales services can also help you reduce downtime for your customers’ repairs.

Reliable performance and a swift response improve customer loyalty, which is key to growing your business.

UPS Handling Returns Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Take a potential liability and make it a competitive advantage with secure and reliable returns management. Reverse logistics processes can increase your efficiency, retain customers, and foster growth for your business.

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