UPS Quantum View

Track you Package with UPS Quantum View

UPS Quantum view gives you Visibility Services i.e.

  • Save time and improve efficiency with our suite of visibility services its called Quantum view.
  • UPS Quantum view allows you to gain insight into all of your shipment activity, to create a custom tracking report, and to notify customers when shipments are on the way.
  • Ups Quantum view can give you right details as per your need. You whenever want your parcel details or want to track it Quantum view is there.

Quantum View Manage

Quantum View Manage offers complete visibility into your inbound, outbound, third party or imports shipments, saving you time and improving efficiency. It is available to UPS account holders free of charge.

Quantum View Data

Integrate your inbound, outbound, or third party shipping data into your existing customer relationship management system. This simplified method of data integration provides flexibility and control while improving customer service and business processes.

Supply Chain Management with UPS Quantum View Manage is provides consolidated visibility into your package and freight shipments, so you can proactively manage your supply chain. With powerful and customization monitoring, notification and reporting tools, you’ll reduce costs while improving communication with customers, suppliers and team members.

UPS can give you full control in your hand for your parcel service provided by them.The total control is in your hand. Quantum view define in terms i.e.

  • Visibility,
  • flexibility,
  • accessibility,
  • portability.

With Quantum View Manage, you control when, where, how much and even who receives information about shipments. Configure status notifications for you and your customers via email and SMS. Set triggers to automate processes such as invoicing. Combine different views and filters to provide exactly the type and amount of information that you most need to view and report. All enabling you to anticipate and solve for delivery and downstream issues, improving customer service and satisfaction.


Outbound UPS Quantum View

With this searchable and easy-to-configure view, you can access multiple levels of detail about outgoing shipments, from a high-level summary of all shipments, to sorting by POs shipped, through filtering details of a single critical shipment. Outbound View supports multiple users, as well as account- and package-specific customisation, including customer and critical event notifications. Plus, you can set internal team alerts to expedite issue resolution and milestone triggers to initiate processes such as invoicing.

Inbound UPS Quantum View

Have complete visibility into your inbound shipments up to seven days in advance. This view is ideal for manufacturers and distributors, providing insights that facilitate workforce, resource and inventory planning, as well as proactive notification to downstream businesses and customers. Inbound View will empower you to manage RMAs more efficiently, trigger refunds or replacements, bill faster, troubleshoot problems and manage your supply chain more efficiently.

Third-Party UPS Quantum View

This view is vital to fulfilment businesses that rely on other parties to ship directly to customers. If third-party providers are integral to your supply chain, Quantum View Manage provides two-way visibility into order status so you can solve customer questions and issues, reconcile shipments that direct bill to your account and improve vendor management.

Combined UPS Quantum View

Consolidate all of your outbound, inbound and third-party shipments into a single-screen overview of all your shipping activities. Quickly, easily and without requiring a tracking number.

Import UPS QuantumView

Instantly view your inbound international shipments to more effectively manage all your package brokerage and customs information. With online access to documents and brokerage partner channels, you’ll remain ahead of in-transit customs issues. All customs docs are imaged, downloadable and even available on CD, saving time and securing essential regulatory records.

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