UPS Quantum View Notify

Adapt to Schedule Changes Before They Become Problems
When proactive shipment status updates are needed, Quantum View Notify® delivers. In addition to the fast, reliable service that you expect from UPS, we also offer rapid notifications about changes in your shipment’s status. You select the e-mail addresses and the events (Ship, Exception, or Delivery). You or your customer will be notified when any one of those three events occur, reducing “where is my order” phone calls.

Coordinate Planning with Team Members
We know that you don’t always work alone, so we’re making it easy for you and your staff or partners to share the responsibilities involved with tracking shipments. Your customer service agents can be automatically made aware of shipments which may be delayed. At the same time, your Accounting department will know when the shipment has been delivered so that they can invoice your customer.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Happy customers are repeat customers. Give them the information they want, before they need it. Provide an alert when a package requires a signature, an adult signature, or a payment for a C.O.D. Or give them peace of mind and inform your customer when their return package has been received.

Get Notified by Text

We make it easy to know shipment status when you’re on the go. Receive a text message with your shipment’s latest status information. You can receive updates when your shipment is delivered or if your shipment experiences a delay. You can even get a text when you just want to check on shipment progress.

To set up Quantum View Notify text messaging, go to UPS Tracking, enter a tracking number for the shipment you’d like to receive updates on, and request a text message notification. You may be asked to validate that you’re the mobile phone owner the first time you request a text message notification

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